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  • 2015-09-07

In bag morcellation of a uterine fibroid

Epublication WebSurg.com, Sep 2015;15(09). URL:
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For a long time, morcellation of an undiagnosed malignancy, an old and frightening topic, has been a matter of extensive discussions. Clinicians and pathologists still lack instruments to clearly diagnose specific pathologies such as leiomyosarcomas. Minimally invasive surgery brought numerous advantages for the patient. However, morcellation is a key issue for the extraction of a large uterus and myomas. In this video, we present an option for the extraction of myomas. By insufflating a large Endobag®, a virtual abdominal cavity is created, and the mass is morcellated under direct vision. The resistant bag works not only as a protection for the abdominal cavity in case of an undiagnosed malignancy, but also serves to deviate organs from the morcellator.