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  • 1353
  • 2014-09-11

Laparoscopic central pancreatectomy for insulinoma

Epublication WebSurg.com, Sep 2014;14(09). URL:
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We report the case of a 43-year-old male patient who was diagnosed with insulinoma and had a robotic enucleation of an isthmic pancreatic tumor in November 2012. However, the patient presents with clinical recurrences of hypoglycemia 18 months later. Re-evaluation studies demonstrated a local recurrence. A laparoscopic central pancreatectomy was indicated. The procedure started with the opening of the lesser sac. The splenic vessels were dissected and controlled. A retropancreatic passage along the venous mesenterico-portal axis was performed. Ultrasonography was carried out to assess the pancreatic recurrence area. The pancreas isthmus was transected. A pancreaticogastric anastomosis was performed at the posterior aspect of the stomach. The resected specimen confirms the recurrence of an insulinoma, which has been entirely removed.