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  • 463
  • 2006-11-02

Virtual reality applied to video-assisted left superior parathyroidectomy

Epublication WebSurg.com, Nov 2006;06(11). URL:
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This video demonstrates how virtual reality is applied to video-assisted left superior parathyroidectomy. The virtual reconstruction is done from a preoperative contrast CT scan. The anatomy is then recreated layer by layer starting from the skin to the bone. Every anatomical structure can be removed or added back, in order to visualize areas that are normally not easily accessible and therefore difficult to identify. The relation with the adjacent vascular structures, arteries and veins, can also be very precisely established. A two cm horizontal neck incision is made below the sternal notch. The surgeons demonstrates a careful dissection of the anterior and lateral aspect of the thyroid. This manoeuvre allows to easily reach the area that had been previously virtually reconstructed. Once the gland is freed from its attachment the vascular pedicle is identified, isolated and clipped.