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  • 1921
  • 2015-02-13

DIE and laparoscopic treatment

Epublication WebSurg.com, Feb 2015;15(02). URL:
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Hormone therapy was designed to suppress estrogen synthesis and to reduce the size of ectopic endometrial implants. However, the recurrence of pain after cessation is estimated at 50% and indicates that surgery is required for symptomatic patients. Conservative surgery is effective in terms of pain reduction if complete excision is obtained, and consequently a preoperative assessment is mandatory to put forward a multidisciplinary approach in specialized centers. In cases of excision of the nodular lesion by means of mucosal skinning, the resection of uterosacral ligaments and of the posterior vaginal fornix is usually recommended. A comparison between standard and reverse laparoscopic techniques demonstrated a statistically significant lower rate of major postoperative complications by using the reverse technique. Bowel endometriosis requires bowel resection if the size is estimated to exceed 3cm, to affect 50% of the bowel's diameter or to induce a stenosis. Different techniques could be proposed such as a segmental bowel resection, a discoid resection or a stapled resection. Concerning the rate of complications, it has been published that mucosal skinning is associated with fewer complications than segmental resection. Recently, robotic assisted laparoscopy was used for the treatment of advanced stage endometriosis; however, it is associated with an increased operative time and a longer hospital stay. To conclude, a skilled surgical team is necessary to perform the complete removal of lesions without increasing the risk of complications and to obtain good results in terms of pelvic pain and fertility.