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  • 2016-06-13

Alternative fissureless technique: VATS ‘tunnel’ and ‘fissure first’ technique with staplers

Epublication WebSurg.com, Jun 2016;16(06). URL:
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Over the last years, the fissureless technique for thoracoscopic major pulmonary resections has become very popular. In this technique, the surgeon does not care about the fissure and its contents and staples it “en bloc” at completion of the lobectomy. The main advantage is its relative ease and rapidity. However, some anatomical variations make this technique hazardous and some surgeons do prefer a “fissure-based” technique with first dissection of vascular elements in the fissure. When the fissure is fused, this technique is difficult and can lead to troublesome oozing and postoperative air leaks. In these cases, the “tunnel technique”, which is presented here by Dr. Decaluwe, is very helpful.