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  • 1303
  • 2016-06-13

Right upper lobectomy: how I do it?

Epublication WebSurg.com, Jun 2016;16(06). URL:
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The anterior approach to right upper lobectomies is the most standard one, although it is not always the easiest one. As stressed by Dr. Baste, anterior dissection of the hilum can be hazardous and requires attention. Based on demonstrative pictures and videos, Dr. Baste outlines the global preoperative and intraoperative approach used routinely at Rouen’s Teaching Hospital. The description of the technique is mainly inspired from the Danish team (Hansen et al., Surgical Endoscopy). Surgical safety is one of the key objectives of this approach with preventative methods and intraoperative management techniques in case of injury. Preoperatively, CT-scan analysis is highlighted and patient set-up is described. The intraoperative step is also described meticulously, and notably the D-zone, which represents the most dangerous zone during the resection.