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  • 2016-09-05

Laparoscopic excision of a gastric duplication cyst

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Duplication cysts are rare benign congenital anomalies, located predominantly at the proximal small intestine, emerging in the stomach in about 2 to 4% of all cases. Usually diagnosed in the pediatric age, they are commonly asymptomatic in adulthood and found incidentally on endoscopic or radiological exams. The therapeutic management of asymptomatic cysts is usually expectant. However, a surgical resection is recommended based on the potential risk of complications, such as malignant transformation. Clinical case: This is the case of a 44-year-old woman, who had an incidental diagnosis of an intra-abdominal cyst on ultrasound examination. CT-scan and MRI revealed the presence of a 6x4cm cystic mass located between the posterior wall of the stomach and the anterior wall of the pancreas, assuming the differential diagnosis of enteric duplication cyst or pancreatic cystic lesion. A laparoscopic exploration is decided upon. She underwent a laparoscopic excision of cystic lesion of the gastric wall, without complications. The patient was discharged home on the third postoperative day. The pathological examination confirmed the diagnosis of enteric duplication cyst. Histology showed a cystic lesion composed of smooth muscle tissue and partially covered by gastric antral-type mucosa.