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  • 2014-01-06

Laparoscopic sigmoidectomy for benign diverticular disease

Epublication WebSurg.com, Jan 2014;14(01). URL:
Dr. Armando Melani beautifully demonstrates a laparoscopic sigmoidectomy technique for a benign diverticular condition. He provides tips and tricks to perfectly expose the operating field and recommends an extensive approach to the left colon with primary mobilization of the splenic flexure using a posterior medial approach with a late vascular approach. The technique and its performance is amply discussed by the panel of experts present, hence providing a very instructive demonstration. The operator also discusses the different types of energy devices available as well as the tricks to safely perform an upper colorectal anastomosis. This film provides plenty of detailed information for beginners and experts alike to allow them to perform a laparoscopic sigmoidectomy in a perfect fashion.