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  • 2016-02-02

Video cases of complications during ESD and EMR

Epublication WebSurg.com, Feb 2016;16(02). URL:
The benefits of EMR and ESD overrule the complications associated with the procedures. Bleeding, perforations, and submucosal fibrosis are the most common complications encountered during resections. The risk of bleeding (5-8%) and perforations (<1.3%) is very low in endoscopic mucosal resections. The risk of bleeding is slightly higher with ESD since the muscular layer is closer to the submucosa. The bleeding rate is about 0.5-2.5% and perforation 2.9-5.3%. Submucosal fibrosis is an important factor which has a large impact on the technical difficulty of dissection. Submucosal fibrosis complicates dissection by losing the translucency of the submucosal layer or narrowing the space between mucosa and muscle. The presence of submucosal fibrosis cannot be suspected preoperatively and it increases the risk of perforation.