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  • 18/12/2018

Fully robotically assisted transabdominal left adrenalectomy for hypercortisolism due to two left adrenal adenomas

Epublication, Dec 2018;18(12). URL:
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This video demonstrates the case of a female patient who had been followed up by endocrinologists for 6 years. The size of the left adrenal gland had increased and two nodules of 2.5cm were found. Serum chemistries showed a progressive increase in cortisol secretion with a pathological dexamethasone suppression test (DST). Mineralocorticoids and catecholamines were normal. Noriodocholesterol scintigraphy showed an exclusive fixation of the left adrenal gland. Surgery was indicated due to the hypersecretion of the left adrenal gland. We now have a surgical robot (da Vinci Xi™ robotic surgical system, Intuitive Surgical) and we use it for most of the adrenalectomies we perform. It provides great stability of the operative field. The precise dissection is facilitated by the dexterity of the articulated instruments.