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IRCAD France, 25 years of innovation & excellence

This year, IRCAD France is proudly celebrating its 25th anniversary:
25 years of excellence and innovation for the benefit of surgeons and patients.

In 1992, surgery faced inevitable changes, shifting from the industrial era to the computer era. In this context, Professor Jacques Marescaux came up with the idea to create an original research and training center. In 1994, IRCAD opened on the grounds of the University Hospital of Strasbourg.

IRCAD’s research orientation has always been directed towards the development of less invasive surgical techniques. The parallel development of a training structure was the logical extension of the groundbreaking work.

Over these last two decades, some tens of thousands of surgeons from the world over have come to Strasbourg to improve their skills and practice in minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgery, to meet with world-renowned experts, to attend live broadcast procedures, and to undertake training on live tissue or anatomical specimens in our state-of-the-art experimental lab equipped with 20 laparoscopic units.

IRCAD is aware of the constant evolution of minimal access surgery and organizes courses in flexible interventional endoscopy and robotics.

This made it possible for surgeons from the entire world to obtain high-level skills, and as a result, the Institute maintained its position as an ambassador of French excellence. Every year, 6,200 surgeons from all over the world are trained by a team of 642 international experts.

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IRCAD worldwide

IRCAD’s international success led to the construction of a twin institute in Taiwan (Asia IRCAD – AITS) in 2008, under the guidance of M. H. Huang, President of the Show Chwan Memorial Hospital. This mirror institute was created in Taiwan due to the sheer necessity of such a network in Asia, using its European counterpart as a structural blueprint.

A few years later, in 2011, IRCAD América Latina was inaugurated in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. It embodies the fruitful partnership with Henrique Prata and the Hospital de Cancer de Barretos.
A third mirror institute opened in June 2017 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, thanks to the partnership with United Health and its former CEO Edson Bueno. The fourth IRCAD is taking place in Lebanon ; its training activities will start in November 2019.

Other projects are in progress. A new institute will be inaugurated in 2021 in Rwanda, and the creation of another institute is planned in Wuxi, a city close to Shanghai, China, in 2021.

WebSurg, the online university of IRCAD

WebSurg (World Electronic Book of Surgery) is IRCAD’s online university, completely free of charge. It was created by Professor Jacques Marescaux and his team at the European Institute of TeleSurgery (EITS) in 2000 in Strasbourg. It is a charge-free website specialized in minimally invasive surgery and dedicated to the promotion of medical and surgical training skills. It was created by surgeons for surgeons, in order to help them with their training and allow them to communicate with surgeons and experts from all over the world. It quickly became the international online reference for surgical training in minimally invasive surgery.

The Websurg office is located within the IRCAD compounds in Strasbourg. It is a real complement to the institute’s courses and allows surgeons to perfect their surgical skills. Most of the content published on the website is produced directly by the IRCAD institutes and their partners. Contributors from all over the world send surgery videos to Websurg in order to become members of the international faculty and share their knowledge with this online community.

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