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  • 2018-06-15

Right laparoscopic ureteroureteroplasty

Epublication WebSurg.com, Jun 2018;18(06). URL:
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Lower ureteral strictures are commonly managed with ureteral reimplant surgeries. However, some patients still have a good distal ureteral stump, which can be used in the repair of these pathologies. In those cases, reimplant ureteral surgeries and their surgical maneuvers, e.g. psoas hitch, Boari flap, are not the best management options. This video shows a ureteroureteroplasty in a 37-year-old female patient with ureteral stricture at the level of the crossing iliac vessels due to several previous endoscopic manipulations for the treatment of ureteral/kidney stones. The ureteroureteroplasty technique was chosen since the proximal and distal parts of the ureter near the stenosed area were healthy. At the end of the video, preoperative MRI and 1-year follow-up CT urogram 3D reconstructions are placed side by side, demonstrating the resolution of hydronephrosis.