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  • 2017-10-16

Laparoscopic enucleation of a horseshoe-shaped leiomyoma of the distal esophagus

Epublication WebSurg.com, Oct 2017;17(10). URL:
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This is the case of a 17-year-old girl, complaining of weight loss and dysphagia. In the preoperative work-up, gastroscopy and endoscopic ultrasonography revealed a 3-4cm multilobulated submucosal mass. Computed tomography and MRI showed a distal esophageal mass of 4cm in diameter. Fine needle aspiration biopsy was compatible with a leiomyoma. The patient was admitted to hospital for surgery, and a laparoscopic transhiatal enucleation of the esophageal leiomyoma was performed. The patient was placed in a gynecologic position, with the surgeon standing between the patient’s legs. The first assistant stood on the right side of the patient and the second assistant on the left. The procedure was performed using 5 trocars. The phrenoesophageal membrane was divided. The distal esophagus was circumferentially mobilized. Dissection was started by separating the layer over the tumor. Blunt dissection was preferred. The use of energy devices discouraged to prevent any delayed mucosal burn injury. The leiomyoma was completely enucleated. Esophageal muscle layers were closed. The postoperative period was uneventful. This video demonstrates technical details of a laparoscopic enucleation of a hoseshoe-shaped leiomyoma of the distal esophagus.