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  • 2017-09-11

Hysteroscopic treatment of a symptomatic isthmocele in a bicorporeal uterus

Epublication WebSurg.com, Sep 2017;17(09). URL:
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Clinical case: We report the case of a primigravida 36-year-old woman, with a unicervical bicorporeal uterus type. An isthmocele was diagnosed within a context of postmenstrual abnormal uterine bleeding and secondary infertility arising after C-section. The hydrosonography evidenced a moderate scar defect, the myometrium next to the "niche" measuring 3mm. Because of the symptomatology and the failure of multiple embryo transfer procedures, an operative hysteroscopy was performed. The patient was able to become pregnant spontaneously and give birth to a healthy child via C-section. Conclusion: A minimally invasive procedure using a hysteroscopic resection of the fibrotic scar tissue is to be considered first, given the existence of an isthmocele in a symptomatic and/or infertile woman, even in the case of a uterine malformation. It is an effective and safe treatment option. However, it has to be considered only if the residual myometrium measures more than 3mm next to the defect. Key words: Hysteroscopic resection, isthmocele, cesarean section, bicorporeal uterus.