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  • 2017-03-10

Suprapubic single-incision laparoscopic splenic flexure resection with hand-sewn intracorporeal anastomosis

Epublication WebSurg.com, Mar 2017;17(03). URL:
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Background: The authors report the case of a 30-year-old woman who consulted for episodes of diverticulitis due to segmental diverticulosis of the splenic flexure. The patient was scheduled for a suprapubic single incision laparoscopic splenic flexure resection.
Video: A right suprapubic incision was performed and allowed for the introduction of three abdominal trocars (11mm, and two 6mm ones). DAPRI curved reusable instruments (Karl Storz Endoskope, Tuttlingen, Germany) were used, in addition to a 10mm, 30-degree regular length scope. The mobilization of the left mesocolon as well as of the transverse mesocolon was performed. After having completely freed the splenic flexure from its attachments, the transverse colon and the left colon were divided using an articulating linear stapler, introduced into the abdomen under a 5mm, 30-degree long scope. An intracorporeal end-to-end transverse sigmoid anastomosis was performed using two converging running sutures. The mesocolic defect was closed. The specimen was removed through a single access and final scar appeared to be 4cm.
Results: Laparoscopic time was 165 minutes and time to perform the anastomosis was 60 minutes. Operative bleeding was 10cc. The patient was discharged after 4 days, and at visit consultations, the symptoms were resolved.
Conclusion: Single incision laparoscopic splenic flexure resection can be safely performed using a suprapubic access, which enhances cosmetic outcomes, in addition to the advantages of minimally invasive surgery. A laparoscopic intracorporeal anastomosis is mandatory and can be performed using a hand-sewn method.