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  • 2015-09-07

Successful closure of iatrogenic colonic perforation with Over-The-Scope Clip™ system (OVESCO™) after failed attempt with standard endoscopic clips

Epublication WebSurg.com, Sep 2015;15(09). URL:
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Iatrogenic colonic perforation is a rare complication which has been reported in 0.03%-0.8% of cases during diagnostic colonoscopy. The sigmoid colon and the rectosigmoid junction are the most common sites of perforation during diagnostic examination. Successful endoscopic closure of the defect has been reported using standard clips. However, in case of large defects, standard clips are often ineffective. OTSC™ clips are devices which are successfully used to close wall defects up to 25mm. They make it possible to continue the endoscopic procedure after wall defect closure. In this video, we show the successful closure of a sigmoid colonic iatrogenic perforation in a 50-year-old woman by means of the Over The Scope Clip™ system (OVESCO® Endoscopy, Germany) (11/6 t) after failed attempt with standard clips. OVESCO™ was applied with a standard gastroscope using the suction technique by pushing the cap against the edges of the defect. In order to prevent incarceration of adjacent structures a soft aspiration of the omentum was applied and the OVESCO™ was carefully deployed. Carbon dioxide insufflation was used. Antibiotic therapy was started and the patient was discharged 5 days later. In conclusion, the Over The Scope Clip™ (OTSC™) is a safe surgery-sparing tool which allows for a successful iatrogenic perforation closure of the GI tract, performing omentoplasty by means of a suction technique.