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  • 2014-09-11

Hybrid laparoscopic transgastric GIST resection

Epublication WebSurg.com, Sep 2014;14(09). URL:
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Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors (GIST) are rare digestive tract tumors with an annual incidence of 6.5 to 14.5 cases per million, accounting for less than 1% of gastrointestinal tumors. They are the most common mesenchymal neoplasms with a biological behavior that is dictated by their size and histological grade and ranging between benign and malignant. They are of particular interest for being the first tumors to have a molecular targeted therapy custom made for them, Imatinib mesylate. Surgical resection with curative intent is the primary treatment for all patients with localized and potentially resectable GIST. A complete excision of the lesion should be intended and a R0 microscopic limit verified. Minimally invasive procedures are especially of interest in order to achieve the best oncologic and functional results for the patient. In this video, we present a hybrid endoscopic/laparoscopic excision of a gastric GIST in an elderly and frail patient. Its location in the posterior gastric wall near the lesser curvature made a local excision by laparoscopy uncertain for injury of the coronary gastric vessels. It would be also difficult to evaluate the properness of the resection margin. The procedure was safely performed by a combined surgical team working in parallel laparoscopically and endoscopically. The functional result was excellent and the pathology confirmed the complete R0 resection of the GIST.