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  • 2014-02-05

Thoracoscopic enucleation of a middle esophagus leiomyoma

Epublication WebSurg.com, Feb 2014;14(02). URL:
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Leiomyoma is the most frequent esophageal benign tumor. It represents 70% of these tumors and 1 to 8% of all esophageal tumors. The most frequent location is the distal esophagus. The majority of cases are asymptomatic and are discovered by chance in endoscopic or radiologic examinations. An endoscopic or surgical treatment can be applied in symptomatic cases (mainly dysphagia), basically depending on its size. We present a thoracoscopic enucleation of a milddle esophagus leiomyoma in a 41-year-old woman. The operation was performed using a thoracoscopic approach. The patient was placed in a prone decubitus position. The tumor was enucleated by myotomy with subsequent suturing of the muscular gap through three trocars. There were no complications. After 48 hours postoperatively, a water-soluble contrast gastroduodenal study revealed normal passage through the esophageal lumen. The pathologist's diagnosis was esophageal leiomyoma.