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  • 2013-07-04

Typical laparoscopic four-trocar transabdominal adrenalectomy for a 5cm right-sided pheochromocytoma

Epublication WebSurg.com, Jul 2013;13(07). URL:
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This is the case of a female patient presenting with a typical 5cm right-sided pheochromocytoma was operated on laparoscopically. Preoperative 3D MRI reconstruction allowed to precisely identify surgical landmarks. The procedure was carried out typically. Four ports were used, and dissection aimed to first mobilize the liver. Control of the main adrenal vein was achieved as the first operative step. Medial, superior, and inferior arteries were dissected and controlled successively. Total freeing of the gland was performed with no manipulation or effraction of the gland's capsule. The postoperative course was uneventful. Small-sized pheochromocytomas are excellent indications for a laparoscopic approach with early control of the vein.