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  • 2012-04-16

Appendicular mucocele: laparoscopic management

Epublication WebSurg.com, Apr 2012;12(04). URL:
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Appendicular mucocele is a rare, yet typical tumor of the appendix. Its potentially malignant nature, the risk of pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP) in case of rupture mandates a surgical resection without damage. In this case, diagnosis was suspected during colonoscopy performed because of right iliac fossa pain. The exam revealed an appendicular protrusion. CT-scan demonstrated the presence of an appendicular mucocele. A laparoscopic approach was decided upon. Parietal adhesions were identified. A primary vascular approach is then carried out. Once the ileocolic division has been achieved, a medial approach allows to complete the dissection within the wall keeping away from the lesion. Following the complete specimen resection, an ileocolic anastomosis is performed laparoscopically. At the end of the intervention, a small bowel exploration helps to identify a Meckel’s diverticulum that will be resected.