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  • 2010-07-12

Arthroscopic radial styloidectomy: technique, indication, results

Epublication WebSurg.com, Jul 2010;10(07). URL:
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The first case of arthroscopic radial styloidectomy was reported by Ruch in 1998. Indications of radial styloidectomy are relative to radioscaphoidal impingement without alteration of the mid-carpal joint by degenerative arthritis (SNAC and SLAC stage 1 and 2). Pseudarthrosis of the radial styloid is another rare indication of radial styloidectomy. The quantity of radius to remove was evaluated in different studies between 3 and 4mm. Removing more than 4mm of radius may lead to a destabilization of the wrist due to the insertion of ligaments on the anterior marginal part of the radius. No case of carpal destabilization after radial styloidectomy was reported in the literature. The design of osteotomy may be different depending on the origin of the conflict. SNAC and SLAC lead to different kinds of arthritis and impingement. Arthrocopy is a very useful tool to carry out radial styloidectomy; it is a minimally invasive procedure with the possibility of early rehabilitation. In case of poor results, there is still a place for open surgery. To better visualize the expert's powerpoint presentation, please click here.