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  • 2014-02-05

Robotic surgery training center, a Brazilian experience

Epublication WebSurg.com, Feb 2014;14(02). URL:
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Introduction: As there is no training protocol for robotic microsurgery established by Intuitive Surgical®, we chose to prepare a bibliographic revision about microsurgery training protocols, associating training with inanimate objects and practical training in biological material (animal model). Methods: A systematic review was performed crossing the words education and robotics using the PUBMED database. The search presented a result of 249 articles. We considered articles published in English over the past 10 years, having as a selection criteria for inclusion, the description of one of the following items: 1) techniques of teaching; 2) the learning curve or the training of basic principles of surgery as the basis of a training program; 19 published articles were eligible. Discussion: The possibility to adapt teaching techniques which are used in robotic laparoscopic videos and connecting theory with practice. The learning process has been organized in different levels of teaching. Conclusion: The fact that there are no recognized protocols for robotic microsurgery by Intuitive Surgical®, creates a necessity to develop teaching methodology standards for the robotic microsurgeon in order to be trained in a safer, faster, more efficient and more intuitive way and having as a result a more positive patient clinical outcome.