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  • 2014-06-12

Robotics in hand and peripheral nerve surgery: Brazilian experience (3 years)

Epublication WebSurg.com, Jun 2014;14(06). URL:
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Our Brazilian experience using the da Vinci® robot in hand surgery and peripheral nerve starts in 2010. The first case was that of a male patient with brachial plexus upper roots injury in a motorcycle accident. The classical supraclavicular open approach was performed and the da Vinci® robot was used as a substitute of the microscope. Repair was performed by means of a sural nerve graft. Another brachial plexus injury was treated with the same method. Two ulnar nerves transposition at elbow level was performed with endoscopic approach and using the da Vinci® robot. One digital nerve lesion was repaired with neural conduit using the da Vinci® robot as a substitute of the microscope. The main reasons for the few number of cases in Brazil are as follows: - few numbers of hand and peripheral nerve surgeons with valid Intuitive Certificate of da Vinci® training; - high costs and Brazilian economy problems; - lack of evidence of better results with robotic surgery; - only 6 da Vinci® robots in Brazil.