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  • 2014-04-04

International Microsurgical Simulation Society- a new networking society of microsurgeons that can promote training in microsurgery and robotics

Epublication WebSurg.com, Apr 2014;14(04). URL:
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Training in specific skills such a microsurgery including robotic microsurgery has become an essential part of surgical training in many institutions around the world. IMSS is a great proof of that with a pronounced group of instructors and practicing microsurgeons who will be working towards standardization of the microsurgery training around the globe and the right skill assessments tools. There is a vast wealth of expertise and experience that could and needs to be shared between masters and new upcoming instructors in microsurgery. Creating a golden standard for teaching basic microsurgery would help the new courses and centers to adopt the right structure and algorithm to teaching everyone at the very similar methods. Utilizing non-living and living models can be systematized too. There is also an intense indication towards generating the assessments tools for the microsurgical skills that would allow to significantly improve the quality not only of the surgical training but of patients’ care as well. One of the goals of IMSS is to stimulate this process and help with network between leading institutions and surgeons. Training in robotic microsurgery is one the aspects of collaboration between IMSS and RAMSES that can lead to successful creation of an assessment tool that can work both in conventional and robotic microsurgery.