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Laparoscopic appendectomy for appendicitis with peritonitis

M Ignat, MD, PhD D Mutter, MD, PhD, FACS J Marescaux, MD, FACS, Hon FRCS, Hon FJSES, Hon FASA, Hon APSA
Epublication WebSurg.com, Feb 2018;18(02). URL: http://websurg.com/doi/vd01en5176

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  • 2018-02-20
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This is the case of a 37-year-old male patient who presented with abdominal pain and fever at 39.4°C. The work-up demonstrated important inflammation with leukocytes at 16,000 and CRP levels at 169. CT-scan confirmed an acute appendicitis with an appendicolith at the base. The appendix is probably perforated as the CT-scan also demonstrated a pneumoperitoneum. Laparoscopic appendectomy is decided upon. The operative set-up is standard with an optical port placed at the umbilicus, a port in the left iliac fossa, and a suprapubic port. Exposure, appendectomy with stapling of the appendicular base, and cleansing of the peritoneal cavity are thoroughly demonstrated.