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Laparoscopic management of CBD stones in acute cholecystitis

M Simone, MD J Marescaux, MD, FACS, Hon FRCS, Hon FJSES, Hon FASA, Hon APSA
Epublication WebSurg.com, Aug 2005;05(08). URL: http://websurg.com/doi/vd01en1737

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  • 2005-08-25
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This video demonstrates a complex case of a patient with obstructive jaundice and acute cholecystitis. The surgeon performs a transcystic cholangiogram, which demonstrates three large stones in the CBD. The choledochotomy is then made and a choledochoscope is used to visualize the stones. Under direct vision a Dormia basket is used to retrieve the three stones. After the choledochoscopy confirms the absence of any further stones in proximal and distal biliary tree, the choledochotomy is closed with interrupted absorbable sutures over a T-tube. A completion cholangiogram is performed. A Penrose drain is left in place after the cholecystectomy is completed.