Global shortcuts

Shortcut Action
Suppr Erase selected image
F1 3D Model view
F2 2D Medical Image view
F3 3D Volume rendering view
F9 Manage organs colors
F12 HShow/Hide patient information

Global 3D manipulation (in 3D and Volume Rendering view only)

1 axial view
2 frontal view
3 sagittal view

Global 3D-2D manipulation

MD = Mouse drag which mean move the mouse by letting the selected button pressed.

shift + left mouse button + MD

shift + middle mouse button + MD

ctrl + middle mouse button + MD


mouse wheel (up or down)

shift + Right mouse button + MD

ctrl + Right mouse button + MD

R Reset camera

Specific manipulation for medical image (2D or 3D)

left/right key

shift + mouse wheel

modify current slice (after any click in selected slice)
T/Y modify axial slice
G/H modify frontal slice
B/N modify sagittal slice
shift + R reset window/level
left mouse button show pixel values
middle mouse button synchronize all views
right mouse button modify level and window
ctrl + L add a landmark on the last selected voxel
ctrl + F synchronize all views on selected landmark
ctrl + V hide/show landmarks
right mouse click remove distance/landmark

Specific manipulation of the oblique plane

middle mouse button

in center of plane : plane translation from his normal

in corner : rotation in the plane

in border : rotation of the plane around his normal

ctrl + middle mouse button

in center of plane : plane translation from his normal

in corner : translation of the edge around the corner

in border : translation of the edge

shift + middle mouse button reslice plane (increase/decrease plane size)

Specific manipulation of Volume rendering clipping box

O show/hide clipping box
Ctrl + O reset clipping box
T/Y clipping box axial translation
G/H clipping box frontal translation
B/N clipping box sagittal translation
P show/hide clipping plane
Ctrl + P reset clipping plane

Specific manipulation of Transfer function editor

left mouse button select points
Ctrl + left mouse click new point
double left mouse click edit point color
right mouse click remove point